All of our out-of-the-box solutions are built on top of our Narfin™ digital financial services platform. Using our solutions, our clients have full control over a wide range of product parameters, fees and charges, and business rules. All of our solutions connect to the underlying platform using RESTful API’s. Using those same API’s, our clients can alternatively develop their own solutions. Our Narfin™ platform enables future-ready banks and financial institutions to remove their dependence on legacy and monolithic banking software packages.
Leasing & Finance Houses
Our leasing and finance houses solution, NarLease™, helps you better access market information, manage your inventories and integrate with your other systems. NarLease™ provides you with a real-time view of your overall leasing and finance business.
NarPawn™, our solution for pawnbroker businesses, gives you a digitalised business model. NarPawn™ provides you a digital system to better trace your cash flow, and online capability to allow you to reach more customers.

Supply Chain Finance Providers

NarSCF™ is our solution your supply chain finance business. With NarSCF ™, your company becomes the source of funds to ensure the cash flow requirements are met for suppliers and distributors up and down your supply chain.

Incumbent & Digital Banks

At the heart of our Narfin™ platform is a microservices-based (coreless) banking system featuring a complete set of deposit products, loan products, and investment products, to support both your retail and corporate banking customers. Use our out-of-the-box banking channel applications, or develop your own using our rich set of API’s.